Maximise your acoustic requirements
with europanel

The europanel team will work with you to create the most effective design and selection of materials to achieve the acoustic properties you need.

Acoustic Performance

Our standard range of patterns offer you a wide range of NRC ratings.

To achieve a specific NRC rating, our certification data sheet provides all of the information and guidance on the acoustic performance of each of our products and patterns.

Acoustic Datasheets

europanel have invested heavily in testing at Melbourne’s RMIT University’s ‘Acoustically Isolated Reverberation Chamber’, and achieved certification data in accordance with Australian Standard ISO 354-2006.

This is the only facility in Australia with NATA accreditation and the capacity to facilitate the testing and subsequent data outcomes that Acoustic Consultants require for ‘Sound Absorption Coefficients’ across all relevant frequencies.

We have obtained testing certification on our panel designs for four different cavity depths, using five different insulation types and two backing materials, resulting in a large amount of data to help Acoustic Consultants achieve the exact level of ‘Sound Absorption’ for all space situations.

Product specific acoustic datasheets can be accessed from the product pages via the links below.

Acoustic Backing


We offer two acoustic backing options as standard for different acoustic situations:
Where the ‘sound absorption’ is of particularly major importance, we use a thin black non-woven tissue material incorporated with insulation. This method achieves the greatest NRC rating as well as other important frequency level absorption.
Our panels can be backed with a thin fireproof acoustic lining fabric specifically designed for perforated/slotted panels with a heat reactive adhesive backing. This material is purposely designed to replace traditional bulky materials and has been engineered to help maximise sound absorption.

europanel’s soundmesh acoustic backing is a smart material which breaks the soundwave down to small components, then traps and dissipates the soundwave within the space behind it. It has been engineered to have acoustic impedance tuned specifically for perforated/slotted panels to maximise sound absorption. Available with euroHUSH and euroBLADE.

This system helps to achieve the sensitive acoustic requirements for areas such as theatres, auditoriums and lecture rooms in line with the acoustic consultant specification. Available with euroHUSH only.


euroTEX Fabric Panels are available in two profiles and have environmental benefits and sustainability credential

euroTEX fabric panels are available in square and rectangular profiles in the following sizes:

STANDARD, up to 2400mm x 1200mm

CUSTOM, up to 2600mm x 1200mm


  • martini dECO Quiet panel is manufactured from the thermally bonded polyester fibre with a minimum of 60% recycled fibre content from PET packaging such as empty drink bottles.
  • No chemicals or resin binders are used in manufacture
  • Odourless and contains no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • No water or ozone-depleting gases are used in manufacture
  • No chlorides are present in the product
  • Suitable for use in Green Star™ projects

martini dECO Quiet panel is certified GreenTagCert™ GreenRate Level A. Suitable for use in Green Star™ projects. GreenTagCert™ is a certification and rating tool for building professionals approved by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the Green Building Council of New Zealand (NZGBC).