65 Berry St


65 Berry St,
North Sydney


Charter Hall,
Buildcorp Interiors


WMK Architecture



Not everything we do is featured on our website so WMK Architecture took the initiative to pick up the phone and ask if their concept, and main design feature, of a triangular heavy duty suspended ceiling, weighing in at more than 20 tonnes, was achievable for the lobby upgrade at 65 Berry St, North Sydney.

Having worked closely with the europanel team in the past on numerous projects, especially in the early design stage, the WMK team knew the benefit this would bring to the integrity of their design and the seamless delivery guaranteed from shop drawings to factory floor to install, including the engineer certification required for such a ceiling.

With europanel’s unwavering versatility of being able to use any finish from any supplier, this meant we could offer significant cost savings for the project budget by fabricating this feature ceiling entirely from Polytec’s Natural Oak Ravine.

Images by Marcus Clinton Photography.