2 Southbank Blvd

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Project 2 Southbank Blvd

Client The GPT Group | Built

Architect BVN

Products euroBLADE custom suspended ceilings, euroHUSH

This magnificent installation, fondly referred to as the “waffle” ceiling by the architect because that’s what it looked like on the reflected ceiling plan, was grand in scale at 450mm on the vertical face (depth) incorporating perforated euroHUSH lids to the upper edge on the 1m square grid.

europanel implemented a suspension system capable of holding this feature ceiling in position and streamlined the fabrication process so the veneered panel system could be delivered flat packed for a quick onsite install to meet the programme. The large beam profile was in American Oak veneer with a warm stain finish and the design incorporated perforated lids in matching veneer to benefit the acoustic ambience in this active lobby space.