euroTEX is an acoustic textile panel available in two panel thicknesses and three print compatible acoustic fabric textures.


With euroTEX, you can choose from one of our standard colours and base cloth textures or specify your own colour or panel appropriate fabric.


Specify one of our standard colours or we will endeavour to match any colour, solid or textural, or apply printed graphics or images on our print compatible fabric.

acoustic substrate

euroTEX fabric panels are available in square and rectangular profiles and have environmental benefits and sustainability credentials.


euroTEX paneling is designed to securely hold fabric without the use of adhesives, nails, tacks or tape and is generally fixed into position using conceal fixed 12mm split batten system as a standard. This allows you to recycle the framework while changing the fabric ‘skin’ if it is damaged or a change of decoration is required.

Panel Type

euroTEX fabric panels are constructed from a robust PVC around an acoustic polyester infill and come in two thicknesses, offering a choice of two different acoustic performances and profile depth to suit the installation.


euroTEX print compatible fabrics are available in three different textures to suit the application of colour, pattern or graphics being applied.

Digital Print Panel

The euroTEX system allows for the precise matching of patterns and pattern repeat at all panel joint locations when using multiple panels.

How to specify euroTEX


Product euroTEX ET
Panel type 25mm
Base cloth TEXTURE
Colour spec As per sample/range
As per sample colour range
Sample reference#
Colour name

Be inspired with euroTEX!

europanel offers the flexibility to design a product that captures the essence of the space you are creating.

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