certification datasheets

europanel have invested heavily in commissioning a large amount of testing at Melbourne’s RMIT University’s ‘Acoustically Isolated Reverberation Chamber’, and achieved certification data in accordance with Australian Standard ISO 354-2006.

This is the only facility in Australia with NATA accreditation and the capacity to facilitate the testing and subsequent data outcomes that Acoustic Consultants require for ‘Sound Absorption Coefficients’ across all relevant frequencies.

We have obtained testing certification on our panel designs for four different cavity depths, using five different insulation types and two backing materials, resulting in a large amount of data to help Acoustic Consultants achieve the exact level of ‘Sound Absorption’ for all space situations.


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euroHUSH S1

euroHUSH S1/25/GW NRC 0.70 downloadbutton

euroHUSH S1/25/MS NRC 0.35downloadbutton

euroHUSH S1/25/P | NRC 0.60downloadbutton

euroHUSH S1/50/GW | NRC 0.70downloadbutton

euroHUSH S1/50/MS | NRC 0.40downloadbutton

euroHUSH S1/50/P | NRC 0.65downloadbutton

euroHUSH S1/75/GW | NRC 0.70downloadbutton

euroHUSH S1/90/GW | NRC 0.70 downloadbutton

euroHUSH S4

euroHUSH S4/25/GW | NRC 0.70 downloadbutton

euroHUSH S4/50/GW | NRC 0.65downloadbutton

euroHUSH S4/75/GW | NRC 0.65 downloadbutton

euroHUSH S4/90/GW | NRC 0.60 downloadbutton

euroHUSH S9

euroHUSH S9/25/GW | NRC 0.55 downloadbutton

euroHUSH S9/50/GW | NRC 0.55 downloadbutton

euroHUSH S9/75/GW | NRC 0.55 downloadbutton

euroHUSH S9/90/GW | NRC 0.55 downloadbutton

euroBLADE S1

euroBLADE S1/50/GW | NRC 0.80 downloadbutton

euroBLADE S1/400/GW | NRC 1.00 downloadbutton

euroBLADE S1 custom/400/PO (type 1) | NRC 0.85 downloadbutton

euroBLADE S1 custom/400/PO (type 2) | NRC 0.85 downloadbutton

euroBLADE S2

euroBLADE S2/50/GW | NRC 0.55 downloadbutton

euroBLADE S2/400/GW | NRC 0.65 downloadbutton

euroBLADE S3

euroBLADE S3/50/GW | NRC 0.65 downloadbutton

euroBLADE S3/400/GW | NRC 0.85 downloadbutton

CORE Absorption Panel

AC238-01 Core with euroTEXTED | NRC 0.85 downloadbutton

AC238-02 Slim with euroTEXTED | NRC 0.65downloadbutton

AC238-03 Core with euroTEXTING | NRC 0.75downloadbutton

AC238-04 Slim with euroTEXTING | NRC 0.60downloadbutton

AC238-05 Core with euroTEXTURE | NRC 0.80downloadbutton

AC238-06 Slim with euroTEXTURE | NRC 0.60downloadbutton